What does it mean to be Trappin?

What does it mean to be Trappin?

What is a reverse trap called?

trap. Antonyms: warning, beacon, signal-post, lighthouse, premonition. Synonyms: snare, ambush, stratagem, noose, pitfall.

What is the opposite of trapping?

Now Trapstar is a global fashion brand, worn by stars like Rhianna, Jay-Z and Stormzy. Trapstar takes its name from Trap music, a subgenre of rap that originated in the southern United States. The label was founded by Mikey, Lee and Will who, despite their success, are trying to maintain a degree of anonymity.


What does trapping a guy mean?

The act of dealing or selling illegal drugs for the accumulation of wealth. Drug dealers often partake in “Trappin”. The word originates from Atlanta Georgia.

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