What does G6 mean in the song?

What does G6 mean in the song?

What are the G6?

What genre is Far East Movement?

Music by Far East Movement has been featured in the Stuber soundtrack and I May Destroy You soundtrack. Some of Far East Movement’s most popular songs include Like a G6 (feat. Cataracs & Dev), which was featured in the Upload soundtruck, and Like a G6, featured in the I May Destroy You soundtruck.

What movie is like a G6 in?


Hip Hop indie duo The Cataracs—consisting of members David Singer-Vine and Niles Hollowell-Dhar—are the latest to disband. The Cataracs, as of 2 weeks ago, has taken a new form. David informed us of a pretty big decision… The decision to follow his heart and put music down.

Why did the cataracs break up?

When did G6 come out?

The G6 in the song is a reference to the Gulfstream G650 (G VI). The line, “Now I’m feeling so fly like a G6” is both a pun (fly like a plane), and an indicator that the singer is wealthy enough to live a lifestyle where they use a G6 with some frequency.

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