What does eccentric Professor mean?

What does eccentric Professor mean?

How is Earth’s eccentricity calculated?

Orbital parameters


As nouns the difference between eccentric and crazy is that eccentric is one who does not behave like others while crazy is an insane or eccentric person; a crackpot.

They both mean roughly the same thing – ‘different and unusual’. The key to the difference is in usage rather than meaning; ‘weird’ is generally used in a negative way, whereas ‘eccentric’ is more neutral and even positive in some situations. This difference is called ‘connotation’.

Is eccentric positive or negative?

What is an eccentric person?

What do eccentric professors have in common? Eccentrics are never “professional” types, the sort who demand theoretical rigor, narrow specialization, or political orthodoxy. Eccentrics do research and teach because they are fascinated, even obsessed, with something they want to know everything about.

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