What does Amazon EU Sarl mean?

What does Amazon EU Sarl mean?

Online shoppers have the unconditional right to cancel an order within a seven day cooling-off period starting the day after delivery. You do not have this right if you buy from a shop. If you do cancel an order the trader must refund your money, as soon as possible and within 30 days at the latest.

Can you refuse a parcel delivered to you? Yes. You can refuse a parcel which was not addressed to you but it ended up at your location. You can also refuse the shipment that you were expecting if it didn’t arrive in a good condition and has clear signs of damages.

Make it clear that you need the goods by a certain date, or for a service to start or finish by a set date. If the retailer does not deliver by then, you’ll be legally entitled to cancel your order and demand a refund for a deposit or the cancellation of any credit agreements.

Cancel one order

Where is Amazon EU Sarl warehouse?

Many Amazon Business customers have stated that they require invoices from a single seller of record. To support this request, Amazon enables you to sell inventory to Amazon Business EU SARL (ABEU) and for ABEU to re-sell it instantly to a business customer when they place an order on Amazon Business.

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