What do the lights on pest offense mean?

What do the lights on pest offense mean?

An ultrasonic pest repeller uses ultrasonic sounds that are too high pitched for humans and animals to hear. The idea is that, while these sounds are too high in pitch for the human ear to hear, certain animals and pests who are in tune with high-frequency sounds can hear them.

Sonic or ultrasonic devices have been touted as repellents for everything from roaches to insects to rodents, specifically rats and mice. However, there is little data that these devices repel insects or are effective in rodent control. Rats and mice emit high-pitched sounds and may communicate using these sounds.

The Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller claims to get rid of mice, roaches, and other pests including spiders (which I fear the most). Well, according to over a hundred positive reviews, several comments, and our own experience, it does its job effectively and safely.

How good is pest offense?

In summary, ultrasonic pest repellers emit high-frequency sounds that manufacturers claim reduce household pest infestation, but laboratory tests have shown that the majority of such devices do not work as advertised, in violation of FTC guidelines.

Riddex creates a rodent-repelling force field. Simply plug it into an outlet and let Riddex work its magic. It forces rodents and bugs out of your home with agitating electromagnetic waves that you won’t even be able to hear.

How does the riddex plug in work?

How do I know if my ultrasonic pest repeller is working?

According to the Pest Offense Frequently asked questions (on their website)…..the flashing red LED light indicates that the unit is receiving power and is working. The green light indicates the patented microchip processor is functioning. The green LED light will cycle on/off for 3 mins.

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