What do maggots mean spiritually?

What do maggots mean spiritually?

Why are there maggots on my floor?

Coffin flies have that name because they are particularly talented at getting into sealed places holding decaying matter, including coffins. Given the opportunity, they will indeed lay their eggs on corpses, thus providing food for their offspring as they develop into maggots and ultimately adult flies.

noun. a soft-bodied, legless larva of certain flies. Archaic. an odd fancy; whim.

A term of insult for a ‘worthless’ person, as if a bug.

What is the meaning of maggots?

Maggots are often a symbol for something negative, usually feelings of disgust, repulsiveness, hate, fear, etc. towards something or someone. They could also symbolize negative life circumstances you are going through. Dreams about maggots may reveal a spiritual transformation you are currently undergoing.

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