What did Patrice Martinez died from?

What did Patrice Martinez died from?

Is Magnum coming back in 2020?

Patrice Martinez (born on June 12, 1963 – December 25, 2018) was an American actress. Martinez played the part of the after-life Miss Argentina in Beetlejuice (1988). She received her theatrical education in London and played the role of Carmen in the film, ¡Three Amigos!

December 2018

Magnum left Vietnam believing Michelle was killed during the 1975 evacuation of Saigon. Her death was staged because General Hue had resurfaced and Michelle knew Magnum wouldn’t leave Vietnam without her. Michelle was a devout Catholic and in the eyes of the church Hue was her husband, not Magnum.

How old was Patrice Martinez when she died?

ธันวาคม 2561
แพทริซ มาร์ติเนซ/วันที่เสียชีวิต

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