What commercial did Joe DiMaggio do?

What commercial did Joe DiMaggio do?

Did Mr. Coffee go out of business?

Mr. Coffee (which is owned by Sunbeam-Oster) also markets this machine under its own brand name. (You can find the same machine under the Mr. Coffee brand name.)

In 1952, the New York Yankees slugger DiMaggio asked an acquaintance to arrange a dinner date with Monroe, a buxom blonde model-turned-actress whose star was on the rise after supporting roles in films such as Monkey Business (1952) and a leading role in the B-movie thriller Don’t Bother to Knock (1952).

Joe DiMaggio
Coffee and Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio. Vincent Marotta, the man who created Mr. Coffee, also convinced baseball great — and noted java drinker — Joe DiMaggio to become its spokesman. Marotta tells Linda Wertheimer the story of the device that replaced the percolator.

Who was the original spokesperson for Mr. Coffee?

In one of DiMaggio’s commercials from 1978, the New York Yankees slugger said, “Everyone would love to have Mr. Coffee. It’s America’s number one coffee maker,” DiMaggio said in the ad. “Mr.

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