What color are most serial killers eyes?

What color are most serial killers eyes?

Throughout the summer of 1962, DeSalvo raped and killed elderly women in Boston. However, by winter he began attacking younger women, always leaving the rope or cord used to strangle the victim in a bow.

The majority of identified serial killers are organized and nonsocial. Most of them also follow some other basic patterns. There’s no way to “tell” a serial killer simply by his appearance — most of them look like everyone else.

A movie (The Boston Strangler, 1968) was made according to his crimes and murders with the difference that the film didn’t mention his sexual abuse attempts….

What does a killer’s eyes look like?

The average height of the male serial killers was 5ft 10in and the average height for female killers was 5ft 5in, both of which are taller than the global average. Those with brown eyes were the most common on the list with 25 killers having dark eyes, whereas just 14 had blue eyes.

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