What clothes do the greasers wear?

What clothes do the greasers wear?

What kind of clothes do the Outsiders wear?

How do the greasers and SoCs dress in the Outsiders?

How did greasers do their hair?

How are the Greasers characterized?

The Socs are the wealthier kids who wear their hair shorter and sport madras shirts or ski jackets. They wear more expensive clothes, like wine-colored sweaters, checked shirts, and tan-colored jackets. In contrast, the Greasers wear untucked white tee shirts with leather jackets and blue jeans.

Blue jeans or black pants were the standard pants worn by most greasers. The leg was tailored and straight. It was important to roll the leg up at least to the ankle to reveal the white socks worn underneath. A solid leather belt with a buckle was also iconic to the look.

Why do the Greasers dress the way they do? The Greasers wear jeans, leather jackets, and t-shirts. They dress this way to appear tough. They want to portray this image because they want to be seen as feared and dangerous.

Greaser Clothing The tee shirts were usually accompianed by blue jeans. Leather jackets, which were often worn over tee shirts, were another staple for greasers. Accessories included leather belts and sometimes chain wallets. Greasers also sometimes wore white tennis shoes such as Converse All Stars or black boots.

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