What can you sell in Neopets Shop?

What can you sell in Neopets Shop?

If the shop with stocked items appears empty for you, you’re banned. If not, you’re able to continue restocking.

How do you price items on Neopets?

Well, open up the Neopian Times in a new window and the Main Food shop in the other. While you read the Times, check back in the Food shop EVERY MINUTE and hit “Reload”. When the stock is filling, write the time down. All the shops restock at the same times, so you’ll only have to take one hour to do this.

You can buy your pet a Petpet at one of the many Petpet shops around Neopia; they are also sometimes given away as event prizes, or from dailies such as the Meteor Crash Site and Fruit Machine.

The Shop Directory

To buy an item, you first have to “haggle” for it by typing in a price that will be acceptable to both you and the shopkeeper. (The shopkeeper’s starting price will almost always be the same for an item from day to day and month to month.)

My top few suggestions for a shop theme that will sell easily and make good profit are:

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