What can Bleedproof paper be used for?

What can Bleedproof paper be used for?

Use these general guidelines to format the paper:

Cartridge paper is a type of high-quality heavy paper used for illustration and drawing. The term “cartridge” refers to the history of the paper originally being used for making paper cartridges for early breechloading firearms.

Is ply a stock form?

We recommend you use a specially coated paper such as the Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Marker Paper. Bleedproof paper is specially coated to lift ink away from the page, making it easier to work with the inks and preventing the ink from bleeding through the pages.

This Canson A4 Bleedproof Pad contains smooth pages so that you can create deep set markings within your art. The bleedproof quality of the paper means that your markings will stay in place. There are 50 sheets, or 100 pages in this pad. The weight of this paper is 70 gsm so you can easily create light drawings.

Paper types and their uses

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