What blank shirts does supreme use?

What blank shirts does supreme use?

VF Corporation
Supreme is owned by VF Corporation….Supreme (brand)

What T shirt brand is the best quality?

They’re one of the world’s biggest and most successful manufacturers of blank apparel. Did you know that Gildan owns popular brands like Anvil, Comfort Colors, and American Apparel? Aside from owning well-known brands you can find in any mall, their products also power a lot of custom apparel companies.

Supreme used to source a fair bit of its merch like hoodies and fleeces from CYC (Chiang Yick Ching, also part of the same group alongside wings&horns and Reigning Champ, in Vancouver), although reportedly they’ve discontinued that partnership and moved production to Brampton, Ontario.

What clothing manufacturer does supreme use?

Supreme is Gildan Hammer Tee for shirts.

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