What are the tributaries to the Missouri River?

What are the tributaries to the Missouri River?

The Missouri River long ago garnered the nickname the “Big Muddy,” inspired by the enormous loads of sediment it pushed through the river system.

Missouri River. Other tributaries are the Bad, Blackwater, Cannonball, Gasconade, Grand, Heart, Judith, Knife, Little Missouri, Moreau, Musselshell, and White rivers, which enter from the south and west. The Big Sioux, Chariton, Little Platte, Marias, Sun, and Teton rivers enter from the north and east.

Missouri River, longest tributary of the Mississippi River and second longest river in North America. It is formed by the confluence of the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers in the Rocky Mountains area of southwestern Montana (Gallatin county), U.S., about 4,000 feet (1,200 metres) above sea level.

The word Mississippi comes from Messipi, the French rendering of the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe or Algonquin) name for the river, Misi-ziibi (Great River). The Mississippi River water source is fed by Lake Itasca in Northern Minnesota and flows all the way down into the Gulf of Mexico.

But how did we get the name “Missouri”? In 1673, Father Jacques Marquette and explorer Louis Joliet, traveled down the Mississippi River. The mighty river which flowed into the Mississippi eventually was named after the tribe that lived along its banks. It became the Missouri River.

Is the Tennessee river a tributary of the Mississippi?

When did the Missouri River form?

Big Muddy
Missouri River

Chief tributaries include the Cheyenne, Kansas, Niobrara, Osage, Platte, and Yellowstone rivers, flowing in on the south and west sides, and the James and Milk rivers, entering from the north.

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