What are the examples of kennings?

What are the examples of kennings?

What is the purpose of Kenning?

snack pack, mouth smack, hot box, cold box, one in morning one at night, why just one when you can do it right, two at a time, taste sublime, sometimes soft, sometimes brittle, all the icing in the middle, eat a little, eat a lot, no denying better hot, frosted cherry, wild berry, blue raspberry, not-fat dairy, crust …

Modern Examples of Kennings

What is an example of Kenning? A kenning is a figure of speech in which two words are combined in order to form a poetic expression that refers to a person or a thing. For example, “whale-road” is a kenning for the sea. Kennings are most commonly found in Old Norse and Old English poetry.

What is a good example of Kenning?

Dog – face-licker. Baby – noise-maker. Computer – data-giver.

What is a Kenning for music? Kenning words for music may include: ear-candy, ear-roses, tonal-massage, melodic-food, ear-dance, rhythm-ruler.

List of kennings

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