What are the Chipettes and Chipmunks names?

What are the Chipettes and Chipmunks names?

In the Japanese language version of the feature film The Chipmunk Adventure, the voices for the Chipettes are provided by Mayumi Suzuki, Mika Doi and Ikue Ōtani. The first character designs for the Chipettes were drafted by Corny Cole for their 1983 debut.

In the last Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, Eleanor calls Theodore “Theodorable” and giggles as she catches up with her sisters. She also calls his dancing smooth. Eleanor loves to decorate and design clothes, and has a passion for cooking.

While the original three names have been maintained across episodes and films, some variations have also popped up. The Chipettes comprises of three girl chipmunks. In the original 1983 TV show, they are singers and the counterparts of the male characters, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Brittany has a crush on Alvin, but she doesn’t show it.

The Chipettes is a fictional group of three chipmunk singers, based on the 1983 American animated television show, Alvin And The Chipmunks. The Chipettes names have remained the same, with some additions in later years.

The Chipettes are a fictional group of female singing chipmunks (Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor) first appearing on the show Alvin and the Chipmunks in 1983. In this and related materials, The Chipettes served as female featured characters, starring in 52 episodes (five solo), two specials, and five movies.

Alvin is the oldest and also the most mischievous. Then there’s the middle child, Simon, who is the smartest of the three chipmunks. Lastly, there’s Theodore, the youngest chipmunk who’s youthfully innocent and adorable. But wait, they ARE all chipmunks.

On June 21st at a 1995 year before the series The Chipettes’ parents, named Carly and Andy, abandoned the Chipettes three days after they we’re born at Mrs. Grudge’s orphanage. The Chipettes escaped from there 6 weeks later, you probably know that story.

Bagdasarian Jr. and Karman continue to perform the singing voices for Alvin, Theodore and the Chipettes, but Steve Vining does Simon’s singing voice. The project has earned five Grammy awards, an American Music Award, a Golden Reel Award, and three Kids’ Choice Awards and has been nominated for three Emmy awards.

Alvin and Brittany are the love/hate relationship couple that often runs as a gag throughout the cartoon series. Brittany and Alvin sometimes squabble with one another, but they also sometimes act friendly towards one another and show signs that they are willing to help the other out.

Eleanor Miller, the youngest and plumpest wears spring green in almost all her apparel. She loves to cook, and despite being a chipmunk, has often been said to have a weight problem because no matter how hard she tries she can’t get rid of her baby fat. Eleanor is like a gold medal winner in any sport.

1. Brittany- She is compassionate, wise, and the oldest of the chipmunk girls. Brittany is shown to be the girlfriend of Alvin, the lead character of the TV show.

The Main Characters. Simon, Alvin and Theodore the are The Chipmunks and Brittany, Eleanor and Jeanette are some girl chipmunk names from The Chipettes.

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