What are examples of proprietary protocols?

What are examples of proprietary protocols?

These are designed, created, maintained and controlled by a licence agreement which is owned by an organisation or individual, ie privately owned. Proprietary standards may be free to use, but the file specification is often closed rather than being open.

Not all standards are protocols (some govern other layers than communcation). A protocol defines a set of rules used by two or more parties to interact between themselves. A standard is a formalized protocol accepted by most of the parties that implement it. A protocol is not a set of rules.

Are all standards protocols?

Proprietary protocols are usually developed by a single company for the devices (or Operating System) which they manufacture. AppleTalk is a proprietary network protocol developed by Apple Inc. Examples of standard protocols are IP, TCP, UDP etc.

Technology: Open-source protocols make use of open-source software for implementation. Proprietary protocols make use of their own ones. Thus, open-source protocols are safer, due to the contributions by a large number of people.

What are proprietary protocols quizlet?

Proprietary protocol examples are SCAN protocol, Larse, and Granger.

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