What are examples of bonded fabrics?

What are examples of bonded fabrics?


Meet Spunbond, the tough white polyester fabric with the soft, slightly pebbly texture. Spunbond is lightweight, strong, water-resistant, and just a bit stiff, to give your projects some body. Spunbond is durable: easy to cut, but very hard to tear, and never frays, beards, or pills.

Bonded Fabric is a non-woven fabric where the fibres are held together by an adhesive rather than being woven or knitted together. Bonded fabrics are created for very specific end uses such as for water-repellence, resilience and flame-retardency.

What is bonded fabric made of?

What are non woven bonded fabrics used for?

Bonded fabrics They are generally used for products that are disposable, for example, wet wipes, J cloths and surgical gowns. In bonding the fibres are laid in a random pattern and are held together by adhesive (glue), or heated if made from synthetic fibres.

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