Was Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn ever married?

Was Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn ever married?

(Years later, June recorded the famous tune herself for Press On, her second solo album, released in 1999.) Meanwhile, Vivian filed for divorce from Johnny, citing his substance abuse and alleged extramarital affairs; the divorce was finalized in 1967.

In the late ’50s, Smith often traveled to Springfield, Mo., to host or guest on ABC-TV’s Jubilee USA, formerly the Ozark Jubilee. By then, Smith had left the Opry after it fired his business partner, Jim Denny.

Smith was married to June Carter (with whom he had daughter Carlene) and later Goldie Hill. In 2003, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Goldie Hillm. 1957–2005
June Carter Cashm. 1952–1956
Carl Smith/Istri

Why did Johnny and Vivian divorce?

4 She knew her husband for a month before marrying him. Loretta Webb and Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn famously married when she was between 13 and 16, and he was 21.

singer Carl Smith
She was married first to honky-tonk singer Carl Smith from July 9, 1952, until their divorce in 1956. Together, they wrote “Time’s A-Wastin”. They had a daughter, Rebecca Carlene Smith, professionally known as Carlene Carter, a country musician.

Was Loretta Lynn related to Johnny Cash?

1, 1981. Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash The country music power couple celebrated 35 years of marriage before Carter-Cash died on May 15, 2003. They were married on March 1, 1968, just a few days after getting engaged.

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