Is Zazzle CA legit?

Is Zazzle CA legit?

Zazzle takes care of manufacturing, inventory, shipping, and customer service leaving you free to concentrate on designing and promoting your products. What are the costs to be a Zazzle Designer? Nothing. It’s completely free.

Yes, you can link to your own products for sale on Zazzle and Etsy, as long as there is no JavaScript, iframe or other type of unsupported code in the widget. Just let us know if you have further questions. That’s great!

We have two payment methods available at this time: electronically via PayPal or Check By Mail. You can manage your payment settings here. From the drop down menu next to Payment Methods make your selection.

Is it worth selling on Zazzle?

Redwood City

What sells best on Zazzle?

A great company is one of the best websites I have come across. They have a wide variety of different items that you can choose, from postcards to blankets, and they also allow you to customize those items using the customization feature.

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