Is time out one word or two words?

Is time out one word or two words?

positive reinforcement
Time-out is one behavior control method based on removing positive reinforcement for a brief time. Less elaborate methods from the same class like tactical ignoring, or planned ignoring, also can be effective in cases where parental/caregiver attention is the positive reinforcement for negative behavior.

Timed out is a method of dismissal in the sport of cricket. It occurs when an incoming batsman is not ready to play within three minutes of the previous batsman being out.

Children under 3 years old should not be placed in any kind of time-out, she says, but older children can have what she calls “positive time-outs.” This means a child, often accompanied by her parent, goes to a “feel-good” place to calm down before trying to learn from the conflict.

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What is timeout short for?

Steps for Time-Out

Over the years, the term has been written as two separate words (“time out”), two words hyphenated (“time-out”), and a single word (“timeout”). If a compound is one solid word, put a normal plural at the end of the word: “Doormen are good at getting taxicabs.”

Is time out a compound word?

What’s another way to say time out?

Timeout vs. time out In American and Canadian English, timeout is one word in sports-related contexts, where it means an official pause in the action. Timeouts is its plural. In all other uses, time out is a two-word noun phrase.

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