Is there chemical formula for butter?

Is there chemical formula for butter?

All humans can digest milk in infancy. But the ability to do so as an adult developed fairly recently, likely in the past 6000 years. A handful of mutations allows adults to produce the enzyme lactase, which can break down the milk sugar lactose.

Can vegetarians eat butter and cheese?

A liter cream of cow’s milk provides about 200 grams of butter. A liter cream of sheep milk provides 400 grams of butter! If you use raw milk, heat it first to 90⁰C. The fat in milk is concentrated by sifting the surface: skimming.

What type of chemical structure is butter?

Broadly defined, lipids are any molecules that have hydrophobic, or water repelling, characteristics. In contrast to simple molecules like water (H20) or sugar (C6H12O6), butter does not have one molecular formula; rather, it is a mixture of triglycerides. This is commonly known as a water-in-oil emulsion.

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