Is Sookie pregnant in Season 3?

Is Sookie pregnant in Season 3?

Does Rory ever tell Logan she is pregnant?

While some fans had predicted that Rory would become pregnant in Gilmore Girls season 8, the reveal nonetheless came as a bit of a shock, not least because it was the ending of the revival and, as it stands, the ending of Gilmore Girls as a whole – with no resolution as to who the father of Rory’s baby actually is.

Lorelai and Rory finally reconcile and she decides to return to Yale. Luke learns he has a daughter but does not tell Lorelai. In the final season of the original series, Lorelai and Christopher jet off to Paris, where they impulsively get married.

But in Season 5, Episode 21, Lorelai surprises even herself by buying an apple at the hospital where Sookie’s given birth…and says she previously only craved apples when she was pregnant. Also, Lorelai didn’t actually turn out to be pregnant during her scare; she simply wanted an apple for once.

Do Sookie and Jackson have babies?

Lorelai and Sookie renew plans to buy the Dragonfly Inn after Fran dies. Sookie discovers she is pregnant. Rory gives the valedictorian’s speech at graduation, paying tribute to her grandparents and Lorelai, and the season ends with Rory and Lorelai looking around Chilton for the last time.

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