Is Si Robertson still alive today?

Is Si Robertson still alive today?

Is Phil Robertson older than SI?

Christine Robertsonm. 1971
Si Robertson/Spouse

Willie Robertson
He began his business in a dilapidated boat, where he spent 25 years making duck calls from Louisiana cedar trees….Duck Commander.

Si, born April 27, 1948, is Phil’s brother, a Vietnam War veteran, and uncle to Phil and Miss Kay’s four sons. Si worked at Duck Commander making the reeds that go into every duck call.

73 years (April 27, 1948)
Si Robertson/Age

Does Si Robertson have kids?

Rumors making round the social media that Si Robertson is dead is nothing but a hoax. Silas Merritt Robertson, known as Si Robertson and often referred to as “Uncle Si”, is an American television personality and a retired duck-call maker at Duck Commander.

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