Is Sean Murray related to Bill Murray?

Is Sean Murray related to Bill Murray?

Is Thackery Binx a real cat?

The producers wanted Binx — both the cat and the boy — to sound like a young man from the 1600s, and Murray’s voice was too contemporary to adequately convey such tonality. Thus, they opted for an actor who could create the identity desired for the cat via his voice alone.

Thackery, a.k.a. Sean, was only 16 at the time when he played Emily’s heroic older brother. Because of his young age, he only had a few credits to his name in 1993, including Too Romantic, Civil Wars, and This Boy’s Life.

Jason MarsdenHocus Pocus
Thackery Binx/Voiced by

How are Sean Murray and Troian Bellisario related?

Murray’s father, Craig Harland Murray, spent 30 years as a naval officer, and of course now Sean stars as a special agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). Although his father didn’t understand wanting to be an actor, Murray says his dad enjoys the connection.

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