Is Runner Runner a true story?

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The story follows two friends who need to win at high-stakes poker to quickly pay off a large debt. The term rounder refers to a person traveling around from city to city seeking high-stakes card games. Rounders opened to mixed reviews and was moderately successful at the box office.

Why is runner runner Rated R?

Costa Rica
Although set in Costa Rica, the majority of the scenes in the movie were filmed in Puerto Rico.

Believing that he has been swindled, Princeton grad student Richie (Justin Timberlake) goes to Costa Rica to confront online-gambling tycoon Ivan Block (Ben Affleck). Block’s promises of immense wealth and power have a seductive effect on Richie, until he learns the shocking truth about his new mentor. When Richie is coerced by the FBI to help bring Block to justice, he faces the biggest gamble of his life: outmaneuvering the two forces closing in on him.
Runner Runner/Film synopsis

What is Runner Runner about?

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