Is Pikkon a namekian?

Is Pikkon a namekian?

Can gogeta beat Saitama?

Can Mui vegito beat whis?

1 Broly Can’t Beat: Hulk The only difference between them is that The Hulk has the one thing that Broly does not have: a regeneration ability. Meaning that not only does he get stronger in a fight, but Broly could reduce Hulk to a puddle of skin, and Hulk would just come back stronger and angrier than ever

Is Broly stronger than Jiren?

In terms of TOP, he is neither good or bad. He wants to have his wish granted and that’s it. However, he is a hero and loved character in his Universe. Moreover, he said “I am not saving my universe if it means to destroy other universes” so he has morals which actually means he is a good character overall.

Car accident.> Pikkon was arguably just as strong if not stronger than Goku as a super saiyan. Goku was always astonished with his speed and he was able to take down cell with just one kick.

Who won the other world tournament?

While Pikkon is not a Namekian, he is treated as one in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game for in-game purposes. Despite the Other World Saga being omitted from DBZ Kai: Final Chapters, Pikkon still appears in the Dragon Ball Z Kai: Final Chapters in the Kid Buu Saga along with West Kai and Olibu.

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