Is PICO PARK on Xbox?

There are three types of PICO PARK. Please note that the online support status is different. * Cross-play is not supported.

Steam itself is free to download and use, but many of the games available do come with a cost. Keep in mind that when you buy games from the Steam store, you can only play them on the Steam network.

Is PICO PARK on switch?

PICO PARK is a co-op action-puzzle game available on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. The objective of the game is to collect the keys scattered around the stage and reach the goal. And starting on September 9, the Nintendo Switch version will support online play as well.

PICO PARK is very flexible because every level adjusts to the total number of players. So you can play with as many friends as your like.. and you can control PICO PARK with your iPhone/iPad/Android.

Can you play PICO PARK on mobile?

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