Is NaF a strong or weak base?

Is NaF a strong or weak base?

NO2 is covalent bond. because the electronegativity difference between the nitrogen and oxygen in NO2 is not enough to cause an ionic interaction,so it can’t be ionic bond.

Molecular formulas describe the exact number and type of atoms in a single molecule of a compound. For example, the molecular formula of sodium fluoride is NaF. A molecular formula is not a chemical name, and it contains no words.

Ionic compounds are the ion compounds. Now, among halogens i.e. chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine, fluorine has the highest electronegativity and hence it is considered as the most ionic followed by chlorine and bromine. Hence, NaF is more ionic.

It is neutral because the Na and F atoms are transferring their valence electrons in order to become stable. This results in an overall stable atom. If we were to identify the individual charges of said atoms, Na would have a positive charge, and F a negative charge – both of 1.

The Kb of the fluoride ion is 1.4 × 10−11.

What is the kb of NaF?

What is the Ka of NaF?

Ammonia, NH3, is a weak base; the other compounds are salts. Similarly, NaF is basic (it is the salt of a strong base, NaOH, and a weak acid, HF). NaCl is neutral. This means that two of the solutions are basic (NH3 and NaF), one solution is neutral (NaCl), and the other is acidic (NH4Br).

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