Is Mishimoto a Japanese brand?

Is Mishimoto a Japanese brand?

New Castle, Delaware
Where are Mishimoto radiators made? Mishimoto makes their radiators inside their cutting edge R&D facility located in New Castle, Delaware. They produce everything on-site to maintain the highest quality which explains the stellar reviews on Mishimoto radiators and the lifetime warranty on their products.

Is Mishimoto American?

First off, Mishimoto is made in CHINA not Japan as it is made to sound like.

Where is Mishimoto made?

It’s ok. Fitment and build quality is decent. He had problems with the drain plug leaking, so we had to use the stock one and some loctite, but it sealed right up. I have a koyo, and the difference in quality is obvious.

Mishimoto radiators are designed for manual transmission or automatic transmission, and some are designed to fit both options. Check the product page for vehicle fitment. If a product is only offered for manual transmission and you have an automatic car, you can purchase a universal Mishimoto Transmission Cooler Kit .

Who created Mishimoto?

Mishimoto is not even a Japanese name which is obvious to anyone that speaks Japanese and therefore a pretty hilarious wannabe attempt. Koyo is a name brand Japanese company although it is made in their factory in Indonesia.

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