Is it Wakala or Wacala?

Is it Wakala or Wacala?

1. A contract between an agent and principal. This contract enables the agent to render service and be paid a fee; A contract where a party authorizes another party to act on behalf of the former based on the agreed terms and conditions as long as he or she is alive.

The Godwin Capital Wakala investment instrument is the first Shariah compliant investment product that Godwin Capital have launched, offering investors competitive expected profit rates.

See Google Translate’s machine translation of ‘ew’….

How do you spell EW in Spanish?

Guácala is a slang word, popular throughout Latin America. It means “gross” or “disgusting.” It is also fun to say.

Interjection. guácala. (Latin America, Central America, South America, colloquial) ew, yuck indicates displeasure, disgust, or revulsion.

Is Guacala Spanish?

What does Wakala mean in Arabic?

The meaning of wakala wakala is misspelled and should be written as wakala or eWW. both its meaning: the correct term is wakala or eWW. It is a term used to indicate dissatisfaction, to mean that you have a bad taste or a bad smell.

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