Is it bad to shave a Newfoundland?

Is it bad to shave a Newfoundland?

Can you crate train a Newfoundland?

A Newfoundland puppy is easy enough to housetrain, but you have to teach him the right way from the beginning. A Newfoundland puppy is an extremely intelligent dog and will understand what is required of him if the right approach is used. The first thing to learn is the way that dogs think. They learn by association.

Are Newfoundlands hard to potty train?

Reasons Why A Newfoundland Dog Stinks. Due to their thick double coat, Newfies require regular grooming. A coat that isn’t maintained can smell quite bad and lead to skin infections. Drying their coat thoroughly with a dog dryer after they have been in the water or after they’ve had a bath will help tremendously.

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Can you trim a Newfoundland?

We do NOT recommend shaving a Newfoundland in the summer. You run the risk of SUN BURN and the dog is at a greater risk for a SUN STROKE. Never shave a Newfoundland because shaved skin can sunburn. A licensed groomer will take off just enough to cool your dog and leave enough hair to protect the skin AND the undercoat.

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