Is crossbow weed killer safe for pets?

Is crossbow weed killer safe for pets?

Is Crossbow safer than Roundup?

Is Roundup safe for dogs after drying?

According to the label, Roundup is safe for pets and children to walk on as soon as it’s dried completely. Monsanto doesn’t suggest this for the safety of your pets, but to keep pets from tracking wet Roundup to other areas of your lawn or flowerbeds. Wet Roundup residue can damage your plants – and your pets.

How long after lawn treatment is it safe for pets?

Answer: Yes, Crossbow Herbicide is safe as long as it’s used as directed on the product label and your pets stay off the treated area until it has completely dried. 99 of 113 people found this answer helpful.

This product is hazardous to humans, domestic and non-domestic animals if ingested and is harmful if absorbed through the skin or comes in contact with your eyes. Thoroughly wash your hands after use. Keep children and pets away from treated areas until the spray is completely dry.

How long after spraying weed killer is it safe for pets?

Crossbow is safe to use around children, pets, and livestock when applied according to the product label. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when mixing and when making applications. Do not enter treated areas for at least 12 hours.

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