Is Coldwater Creek back in business 2021?

Is Coldwater Creek back in business 2021?

Chico’s is not going out of business. Stores are temporarily closed during the pandemic and will reopen following local guidelines. The clothing store currently offers sales through their website but will provide in-store pickup and curbside pickup at some locations, as well as instore sales by appointment.

“It’s time to say goodbye,” the retailer states on its e-commerce site. “Every brand has a story and ours has taken an unexpected turn. “We may be saying goodbye before too long so we’re taking 70% off everything. Thanks for being part of our family & history.”

Coldwater Creek will be revived – online and in print. The Hong Kong-based Newtimes said it purchased CWC’s inventory and intellectual property assets from Sycamore Partners for $12.2 million. …

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Did Talbots buy Coldwater Creek?

The Coldwater Creek nameplate will be relaunched as a web and catalogue-only business. Private equity firm Sycamore Partners acquired the intellectual property assets of the bankrupt women’s specialty retailer Coldwater Creek in June at a bankruptcy court auction.

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