Is Cantu bad for your hair 2020?

Is Cantu bad for your hair 2020?

Which Cantu product is best?

Cantu has developed a fantastic range of conditioners and styling products that are totally safe for you to use. They even have a range just for kids! What is also great, is that many Cantu products contain coconut oil. Coconut oil has been proven to reduce protein loss for both undamaged and damaged hair.

4 answers. This product would not damage your hair it would actually help if you have damaged hair. I use this product and it leaves my curls shinning and it holds my curls very well. I also use the leave in conditioner aswell.

With daily use on damp hair, this leave-in can help promote stronger, healthier hair while adding manageability and shine. Try it as an overnight leave-in for intense moisture and conditioning. Just cover it with a plastic cap, sleep, and let it do its thing!

Does Walmart sell Cantu products?

cantu is cancelled!!! The alcohol is also known to dry out hair and proves unhealthy to all hair types. Product users remain disappointed as some of their go-to hair products will no longer serve its purpose as a hair moisturizer and many hair ‘naturalistas’ will begin turning to alternate hair products.

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