Is Caliban intelligent?

Is Caliban intelligent?

How is Caliban portrayed in the Utah Valley University production of The Tempest?

Which character relationship in The Tempest is the best example of how colonizers use language as power?

Thanks to Ariel’s intervention, their actions are undermined and false conflict develops between Trinculo and Caliban as well as between Trinculo and Stephano. In his annoyance and desire to gain power over the island through Caliban’s help, Stephano actually beats his friend Trinculo.

How is Caliban’s idea that Stephano should be king an example of faulty thinking? He speaks against Caliban but makes it seem as if Trinculo said the words.

While they may seem kinder and more respectful, in reality, they are not. In The Tempest, Stephano and Trinculo appear to be kinder and more respectful to Caliban than Prospero is to Caliban and this is one of the reasons why Caliban decides to follow their rule instead of continuing to follow Prospero.

Do Stephano and Trinculo seem kinder or more respectful to Caliban than Prospero?

Caliban shows considerable intelligence. He has learnt Prospero’s language: ‘You taught me language; and my profit on ‘t / Is, I know how to curse’ (I.

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