Is calcium isoelectronic with argon?

Is calcium isoelectronic with argon?

Which atom is the sodium ion isoelectronic with?

For example, the K+ ion is isoelectronic with argon. Potassium has 19 electrons and 1 is in the outermost shell: a valence electron.

It is also possible for cations, positively charged ions, to be isoelectronic with the argon atom in its ground state. Like all Group 2 (alkali-earth) metals, calcium will lose 2 electrons from its highest energy level to form a cation with a charge of 2+.

The chemical species isoelectronic to Ar are phosphide ion (P3− ), sulfide ion (S2− ), chloride ion (Cl− ),…

What element is the calcium ion isoelectronic with?

the very same as argon. Therefore, K+ and Ar are said to be isoelectronic. Ca2+ is also electronic with Ar, for example, and so is Cl-. It should be noted that isoelectronic series do not have to include a noble gas.

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