Is Brass heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture?

Is Brass heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture?

Why is bronze not considered to be an element?

Why do we call bronze a homogeneous mixture?


Bronze is primarily a copper tin alloy that offers outstanding strength, corrosion resistance (especially to salt water), electrical/thermal conductivity and ductility. These are produced by combining copper with aluminum, iron, nickel, silicon, manganese or phosphorous. …

Bronze is a mixture and not a compound because the components of bronze Copper and Tin do not react with each other and form compound but they just evenly mix with each other forming a mixture known as Alloy…

Brass is a homogeneous mixture. It’s called a homogeneous mixture because it looks the same throughout.

Bronze is a homogeneous mixture of copper and tin. It’s a mixture (not a compound) because the proportions of copper and tin aren’t exactly the same in all bronze. Mixtures of metals are called alloys.

(d) Bronze alloy is a (homogenous mixtures) of copper and tin.

Brass is a homogeneous mixture (solid solution) of copper and zinc. Again each metal by itself is a pure substance.

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