Is Acetanilide neutral?

Is Acetanilide neutral?

Is Ch more polar than CF?

The C-F bond is shorter and stronger than the C-Cl bond, and shorter than single C–N and C–O bonds. The strength of the C-F bond is due to its partial ionic character, and due to electrostatic attractions between the partial charges on carbon and fluorine.

Which bond is stronger C Cl or CF?

acetanilide is a polar compound due to its amide group and other properties.

3 test tubes containing 1mL water, 95% ethanol and hexane were subjected to different temperatures for 1-5 minutes in order to test the solubility of the pure acetanilide. In high temperature or during heating, water and 95% ethanol are soluble while hexane was insoluble.

Is Acetanilide soluble in cold water?

Acetanilide is the neutral compound in the mixture. Since it is neutral, it will not react with any inorganic base or acid.

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