Is a food subject or object?

Is a food subject or object?

What is subject and object?

Not to mention, aside from responding to their environment, plants can communicate using hormones (look up hormonal sentience). So no, plants are not inanimate objects. Are you aware that plants grow? So they are animate.

Is water an object?

The simple subject of a sentence is the main word in the complete subject. It is always a noun or a pronoun. Then underline the simple subject and draw a box around the simple predicate. Example: David’s entire family | ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant last night.

Some body parts (especially some, but not all, having to do with reproduction) and some clothing (especially clothing made with fibers) are animate, but other body parts and pieces of clothing are considered inanimate. Some items of food are animate, while others are inanimate.

Is food a thing?

“Food” is a noun, the direct object of the verb. “Food” receives the action — food gets eaten. “He” (the subject) “eats” (the action) “food” (the direct object).

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