Is #3 retired for the 76ers?

Is #3 retired for the 76ers?

Instead of getting the opportunity to announce that everything was all right, that he and Brown were staying to make another title run, Iverson found himself on the defensive as journalists questioned his dedication to practice — one of Brown’s frequent and public gripes about his star player.

Nineteen years ago, Allen Iverson sat in front of the media covering his Philadelphia 76ers and said the word “practice” 22 times. The now-legendary rant encapsulated Iverson for all that he was — funny, proud, indignant, exasperating, misunderstood.

Iverson, drafted out of Georgetown, scored 30-plus points 345 times and was an 11-time All-Star. His No. 3 jersey was a best seller around the globe, the headband wrapped snugly around his cornrows, and the tattoos were as much a part of his image as the way he ricochets around the court.

Averaging 23.5 points per game, 7.5 assists per game and 2.1 steals per game for the season, Iverson was named the NBA Rookie of the Year. Iverson was only able to help the Sixers to a 22–60 record in 1996–97.

Most iconic NBA numbers: #3 – Allen Iverson and Dwyane Wade.Ordibe

Nearly 4 years after 11-time All-Star guard, Allen Iverson officially retired from the NBA, his Number 3 Jersey for the Philadelphia 76ers has followed in his footsteps!

#3 Allen Iverson He would go on to play six more seasons in Philadelphia before stints with the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, and Memphis Grizzlies. He returned to the 76ers in the 2009-2010 season and his jersey was retired to the rafters of The Center in 2014.

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