How tall is a 400 Bearbrick in inches?

How tall is a 400 Bearbrick in inches?

Details about Super Rare Bearbrick Series 37 Noodle ‘made In China’ 100% [email protected]

[email protected] are a form of collectible toy that resemble a cross between LEGO and well, a bear. These block-style figurines boast teddy bear-style heads that have become an integral pillar of the collectible toy scene.

Brian Donnelly—better known as KAWS, the street artist made famous by his small vinyl sculptures—has collaborated with the viral toy brand [email protected] to produce some of the most collectible versions of the teddy bear-like figurine.

Is Bearbrick and kaws the same?

Among the rarest Bearbricks is the one designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 2007. Only 1,000 pieces were made, and these were displayed in the luxury fashion label’s boutiques. The Bearbrick was styled in Coco Chanel’s signature dress — a tweed suit complete with pearls..

approximately 100g
Size : 100% (70mm) + 400% (280mm) Weight : approximately 100g + 400g Description : Overall height about 70 mm / 280 mm BE @ RBRICK TM & (C) 2001-2018 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

Dimensions (size version 400%): 5″ x 4″ x 11.08″ inches….Additional information.

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