How old is Yoonbum?

How old is Yoonbum?

Why did Sangwoo let go of the picture?

It is the same exact wound Sangwoo gave to Bum, because he was not able or not willing to kill him. Then, she came back to the house for whatever reason (to kill him or to apologize) and Sangwoo finally killed her… or he trapped her in the wall ALIVE!

Did Sangwoo kill his mom?

YOON BUM’S APPARENT DEATH He died, chasing a vision of Sangwoo, which was exactly what got him into the entire mess in the first place. Yoon bum’s savior had been Sangwoo. It’s only fair that the reason for his death is also Sangwoo. After all, to Bum, Sangwoo was the one who saved him when no one else cared.

No, it is not approppriate for 12 year olds. It contains gore, sexual themes, rape and abuse.

What age is Sangwoo?

23 years old. 24 years old. 25 years old.

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