How old is Chelsea Strub?

How old is Chelsea Strub?

Who Is Julie Sidoni Married To Now. She is happily married to her fellow WNEP-TV personality, Scott Schaffer.

My name is Alexandra Gallo. I am currently the weekend Weather Anchor and weekday Reporter at NewsChannel 7, the NBC affiliate in Panama City Beach, Florida. I graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Production at the top of my class, Summa Cum Laude.

Julie Sidoni
Mullen / Staff Photographer Julie Sidoni sits on the set at WNEP-TV before a broadcast. The news anchor and wife of fellow WNEP-TV personality Scott Schaffer sometimes sings with the local band Take 5 and is currently working to complete her first novel. Reporting the news is but one aspect of Julie Sidoni’s life.

Is Scott Schaffer married?

Ally Gallo and Max Conway’s Wedding Website.

Chelsea Strub Family She was born in Pittsburgh and brought up in Annapolis, Maryland before her family relocated to Harrisburg.

Chelsea Strub Wiki

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