How much is a 270 Remington rifle worth?

How much is a 270 Remington rifle worth?

270 is a great caliber with the potential for excellent ballistics. HSM loads a 130 Berger VLD. This bullet is very good for long range is available at Cabela’s. That coupled with a faster muzzle velocity and you will be rocking 1000 yards.

Most common centerfire cartridges come in short or long actions. Most of today’s long-action cartridges will fit into a magazine and action of this length. In fact, many long-popular hunting cartridges had their cases designed around this 3.340-inch measurement, such as the . 270 Winchester, .

The Remington 700 is a solid and well tested bolt action rifle of that there is no doubt, however the competition today is stiff and the old 700 Remi can simply no longer compete with the out of the box accuracy and build quality of other cheap rifles.

Is a Remington 700 270 a short action?

Remington Model 700 ADL Black Bolt Action Rifle – 270 Winchester – The Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle is known for its accuracy. This ADL model features a black synthetic stock with a blind box magazine and a matte blued carbon steel barrel.

What is a REMINGTON 700 ADL rifle Worth? A REMINGTON 700 ADL rifle is currently worth an average price of $726.37 new and $620.03 used .

Recently Sold 270 WIN rifle

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