How much did a P-51 cost?

How much did a P-51 cost?

P for pursuit
In 1948, the designation P-51 (P for pursuit) was changed to F-51 (F for fighter) and the existing F designator for photographic reconnaissance aircraft was dropped because of a new designation scheme throughout the USAF.

4,950 aircraft
By 8 May 1945, the 8th, 9th, and 15th Air Force’s P-51 groups claimed some 4,950 aircraft shot down (about half of all USAAF claims in the European theater, the most claimed by any Allied fighter in air-to-air combat) and 4,131 destroyed on the ground. Losses were about 2,520 aircraft.

They are masters of their craft, the best in the world. Owning and operating a P-51 Mustang is not for the faint of heart. It costs well in excess of $3,500 dollars per hour to operate one of these magnificent aircraft.

What was the P-51 Mustang used for in ww2?

A P-51 cost $51,000 in 1945, or about $675,000 today. The Enforcer would probably have cost around a million dollars.

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