How much above sea level is Phoenix?

How much above sea level is Phoenix?

Phoenix, AZ, is famous for its beautiful desert scenery, unique wedding venues and a diverse choice of things to see and do. Visit the city’s art, history and science museums, taste delicious cuisine, explore free attractions, and go on a scenic hike.

Relative Humidity in Phoenix, Arizona, Usa. The average annual relative humidity is 31.3% and average monthly relative humidity ranges from 17% in June to 44% in January.

Phoenix is a city found in Arizona, The United States Of America. It is located 33.45 latitude and -112.07 longitude and it is situated at elevation 366 meters above sea level.

Phoenix is the cultural center of the state of Arizona. The Hohokam people occupied the Phoenix area for 2,000 years. They created roughly 135 miles (217 kilometers) of irrigation canals, making the desert land arable, and paths of these canals were used for the Arizona Canal, Central Arizona Project Canal, and the Hayden-Rhodes Aqueduct.

When changes in altitude overpower our ability to acclimatize, we can end up with high altitude illness. This can occur at elevations as low as 4-5,000 feet (the city of Denver, Colorado). More commonly, it develops at an altitude of approximately 8,000 feet or above.

70 feet above
The lowest elevation in Arizona is 70 feet above sea level (Colorado River).

Elevation of Phoenix, AZ The elevation of a city tells us its elevation above sea level. The elevation of Phoenix, Arizona is 331m. Due to its many mountains, the state of Arizona has one of the highest mean elevations in the entire United States at an average of 1,250m states.

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