How many times Brooke Logan married?

How many times Brooke Logan married?

Brooke was nearly raped and started dating her investigating officer, Dave Reed, but met fashion designer Ridge Forrester while catering a Forrester party. Brooke broke her engagement to Dave and befriended Ridge’s fiancée, Caroline Spencer.

Perhaps Brooke Logan thought this time was the charm for them since they’ve been married so many times. But no, it looks like this one crashed and burned. Fun fact – Brooke and Ridge walked down the aisle 11 times on Bold and the Beautiful but only married a few of those times legally.

Both Brooke and Taylor married Thorne Forrester and Nick Marone and been in a relationship with Eric Forrester also. Taylor was also involved with Brooke’s dad Stephen Logan and her brother, Storm Logan and her son Rick Forrester. They have shared many of the same men, at different times, always taking them from one another.

As for Brooke and Taylor, they never blamed Ridge or held him accountable for his actions, instead they blamed each other. Both Brooke and Taylor married Thorne Forrester and Nick Marone and been in a relationship with Eric Forrester also.

Ridge and Shauna’s evolving relationship Although based on a dishonest act, the two have had a life together, and in recent episodes of the soap, the couple decided to redo their wedding vows with a proper ceremony. This second ceremony was to prove their love for one another and show that the union is binding.

Alex D’Andream. 1997–2014
Skott Sniderm. 1989–1995
Katherine Kelly Lang/Spouse

Ridge and Shauna got married in a quick Las Vegas ceremony. While they are legally bound to each other, nobody seems to be taking his new wife seriously. Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) called it a “drive-through wedding,” while Brooke continuously jibes that the groom cannot even remember the ceremony.

Incestuous Affair Brooke Logan slept with her daughter Bridget Forrester’s husband, Deacon. Stephanie Forrester was angry at both of them because she doesn’t like people who mess with other people’s marriages. Stephanie slapped Deacon then nicknamed Brooke “The W**** Of Beverly Hills!” Brooke then slapped her.

Brooke turned to Eric Forrester for comfort and they tied the knot after she became pregnant with his son, Rick Forrester. When Ridge later fell in love with Taylor Hayes, Brooke tried to interrupt their wedding to claim she was pregnant with his child, but she was actually carrying Eric’s daughter, Bridget.

In addition to Ridge (whom she married eight times), Brooke has had relationships with Ridge’s father, Eric Forrester, Ridge’s two half-brothers, Thorne Forrester and Nick Marone, her son-in-law Deacon Sharpe, her brother-in-law Bill Spencer, Jr., and several others, including marriages to Whip Jones and Grant Chambers …

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