How many siblings did Hercules have?

How many siblings did Hercules have?

By swallowing Metis, however, Zeus had gained wisdom as part of his intrinsic nature. His second wife, Themis (Divine Justice), gave birth to the Seasons, to Wise Laws, to Human Justice, to Peace, and to the Fates. His third wife was Eurynome, an ocean nymph, and she bore the three Graces.

While Seraphim was the son of Periander, Heron was Zeus’ child and this enraged Hera, Zeus’ wife. Enlisting the Oneiroi to alert Periander of his wife’s infidelity, he threatened to kill whatever child she bore that was not his. Seraphim was born first, temporarily relieving the king, but Electra was still in pain.

Perseus is the half-brother of Hercules as well as his great-grandfather. However, Perseus was a demigod son of Zeus, as opposed to Percy Jackson who is the demigod son of Poseidon. He is a cousin to Percy because his father, Zeus, is the brother of Percy’s father, Poseidon.

Is Perseus Poseidon’s son?

Did Hercules have brothers or sisters?

In Greek mythology, Iphicles (/ˈɪfɪˌkliːz/ or /ˈaɪfɪˌkliːz/; Ancient Greek: Ἰφικλῆς Iphikles), also called Iphiclus, was the half maternal twin brother of Heracles and one of the Calydonian boar hunters.

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