How many minutes is 12 miles?

How many minutes is 12 miles?

Three miles a day burns approximately 300 calories a day. You burn more calories if you weigh more than 150 pounds and fewer calories if you weigh less, but 100 calories per mile is an average. Each pound contains 3,500 calories, so if you walk three miles a day, you lose one pound in 12 days.

It is possible to walk too many steps or miles in a day, which can lead to physical and mental symptoms of overtraining and burnout. How many steps or miles per day is too much depends on each individual walker, but your body will tell you you’re walking too much with some common signs.

Is it bad to walk too much?

As with many things, it depends. If you have never ran a day in your life, then 12 miles is going to be extremely challenging, likely impossible to actually “run.” Likewise, if you’re an avid runner who has trained for long distances, then it’s just another ordinary run. Most fall somewhere on this spectrum.

Therefore, if you travel 1 mile, it is going to take 60/40=1.5 minutes. Travel 12 miles will be 12*1.5=18 minutes.

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